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A Week in Paris..

By Carlin Nguyen on April 7th, 2017 | Culture

Paris is nothing new to the whole world.  There are infamous amounts of tourist things to do in the city of love.  Many are popular. Some are less infamous to the public.  And some take some “digging” to find that niche.  As we spent some time in the city, we scoped out some major spots as we give you our “two cents”.

Moulin Rouge – An original to the art of Cabaret in the heart of Europe, this magnificent building was introduced to the world in 1889 by Charles Zidler and Joseph Oller. Located in the 18th Arrondissement of Paris, this beautiful building was home to generations of European history.  Once a hub to prostitution during the German occupation during WWII, this standing building has withstand many changes in life.  And up to now, many famous people and production shows have come and go at Moulin Rouge.  And today, this tourist spot is home to the current show, Feerie.  Started in 1999, this current production show, Feerie, has featured multitude of dancing, dancing, dancing and of course – the French cancan.

An interesting show that’s separated into several acts during the evening.  In-between acts, the audience is entertained by specialty acts including acrobatics on roller-skates, a comedic ventriloquist, and the most dangerous – a woman swimming in a tank full of snake boa constrictors.  This live show is a must-see for anyone planning to visit the city of Paris.  Be sure to book early (a must).

Disney Paris – Though not technically in the heart of Paris [but rather an hour-drive from the city], the formerly known as Euro Disneyland, has been around for more than nearly 25 years.  Disney Paris is home to a European feel of the magic kingdom of Walt Disney.  A lot different in many ways in comparison to the Disney amusement parks in California, Disney Paris has its own twist.

For anyone wanting to walk onto and/or in the infamous Disney castle can do so without any problem.  For kids and adults alike who have dreamt of this moment can reap benefits the minute they set on-top of the high point of the castle at just over 160 feet.  And for the adrenaline fanatics, we highly recommend people to partake on rides including – Big Thunder Mountain, Indiana Jones, the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, among others.  While some rides are very similar to its California counterparts, they are some intriguing differences to note.

While Disney Paris lacks in Toontown, they make that up with their unique ride – Ratatouille.  A 3-D ride that envisions their riders as little mices on their mission to run through similated scenes to escape the kitchen without harm.  A couple of mazes to partake for all include – Alice’s Curious Labyrinth and the Pirates of the Carribean mountain.  A definite fun-to-do between rides and waiting for your FastPass to begin.

The architecture of DP allows patrons more walking-space all around including Main Street USA and its shopping.  Their evening show – Disney Illuminations, is also a premier outdoor show in front of all of DP.  While they may lack in firework spectaculars, their main feature is on their musical score and visuals.  And that earns major kudos and rave reviews.

Montmartre – Located in the same arrondissement as Moulin Rouge and just north of the city, this high-raising viewpoint features spectacular views of the city including the Effiel Tower and many more.  It’s not hard to miss the Basilica of Sacre-Coeur church at the top of the hill.  Between all the walking and the viewpoints, there are plenty of things to not miss on this area of the town.  We recommend a look inside the Basillica, including the walkdown to Boulevard de Clichy.

Notre Dame – A must-see feature of the city, Notre Dame allows patrons to view and witness the spectacular surroundings and high-ceilings of this catholic church.  The acoustics can be very appealing and addicting to witness.  One cannot forget how the sound resonants around this church.  A very peaceful church to visit on non-peak hours of the week.  While lines to get into the main floor of this church can be daunting, it’s well worth the wait to witness architecture and sculpture at its finest.

On the side of the Notre Dame, there are lines to get walk-up to the high points of Notre Dame.  Again, waiting times vary. But, once you get to the top, the viewpoints are breathtaking.  It wont be hard to spot the Effiel Tower or the West or East rivers.  Be sure to get ready to walk up and down.  But then again, it’s normal for most of the high-rising sculptures and churches in this city.

Orsay Museum – Located on the left bank of the Seine River, the Orsay Museum has been established for well over 100 years.  Initially, the museum was set as a small establishment of art inside a train station, over time – it became a success.  And now, the Orsay features multiple-floors of art and decoration in abundance.  It is not hard to miss the giant facing clock inside the building.  And don’t be scared of heights when attempting selfies.

Orangerie Museum – Located near the riverbanks of Seine River, the Orangerie Museum is a two-floor museum.  On the main floor features the infamous Water Lilies by French painter – Claude Monet.  These paintings were established in 1920s as permanent locations for these paintings as two special rooms were needed for this occasion.  And below the main floor features other depicted artists that’ve revolutionized art and culture in Europe.

Versailles Palace – A 30 minute drive just west of Paris, we recommend one to visit the city of Versailles.  The highlight is indeed the Palace including its surrounding gardens.  Primarily known as a small village during the 11th century, the area was ruled by Louis XIV in around 1682.  And for over 100 years, the palace was an area of power for the kingdom of France.  Today, tourists can enjoy the walkaround in the gardens around the palace as well enjoy viewing the prized possessions from the kingdom during the late 1600s (and early 1700s).

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