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Morgan Page – Interview

By Los Angeles Digest Staff on June 8th, 2015 | Culture, Music

We took a moment to talk with Morgan Page about things EDM-related including his newest album DC To Light, due for release on June 9th worldwide.

LAD: What’s going to be different from past shows that you’ve done?
MP: Well, the biggest difference is the new material along with the new embeds to the mashups on this album. It’s not going to be 3D [previous compilation] like the new material that we’ve done. We’re aiming for a revamped set – focusing on the new music as well adding some clap music and the some new records.

LAD: The title of your newest album DC To Light,  came about with the idea of producing your album all entirely from solar panels. How did all come about – start to finish?
MP: I have always used film studios and/or use garage studios [then converted to film studios] in the past for my work. A friend of mines recommended me to try the idea of solar panels and see what it is like. And the process was easy. You would pay off a lease. And they install some panels and after some permits, you forget about it. I would go about with my production and the cost of power would offset with these panels. It was sort of a dream to envision the idea of having these panels power my entire home including transportation and regular power.

LAD: Your productions mean the world to you. Any track and/or record that really stands out from the rest?
MP: ‘Open Heart’ is definitely a big favorite of mines. And ‘The Longest Road’ is also contender for a tipping point in my career. The music video for ‘The Longest Road’ was recorded via film and shot on horseback. We momentarily lost some horses during the shoot and had to go and retrieve them back. We did the film shoot in Pioneertown [near Joshua Tree]. It was an exciting time. And reflecting on that, they were the times that if you had one song in the world of Miami then it’d  be this track.

It feels that the times have changed to now. Where currently, DJs are playing their own material. And it’s hard to have an active break whereas in the past, one song can be like the “song of the summer”. And ‘Longest Road’ was the song of the summer in Miami from what I’ve heard. And it doesn’t happen a whole lot. Nevertheless, it was special at that time.

LAD: How did your regular podcast come about? How did that happen?
MP: I’ve always done college radio in the past. And I felt that this was a sort of a continuation of doing a radio show. In the beginning I was doing a radio show. Later on, Sirius XM approached me and asked whether I wanted to do one exclusively for them. We started with one week doing it Sirius XM then the following week I’m able to put it on my podcast. And now we’re on our midpoint of our third-to-fourth year with Sirius XM radio.

LAD: Your new album, due for release on June 9th. Any shoutouts to other artists featured in your album?
MP: My new album will feature a real cool track with Carnage. Also, new voices including Angela McCluskey and Lissie will be on this album. Other artists will include Chris Batson and Whitney Phillips. A lot of new voices on this album overall.

LAD: On your current tour, how do you come up with your concepts for these shows?
MP: It’s hard. There’s always pressure to change the visuals for the sets. And I will approach production meetings with ideas for the visual concept. And with the next 3D tour will have to start from scratch. It’s rather nice. Unlike with AVCII where he had to scrap his own design and add new panels. We just need to add new content. And we understand – content is everything. We had to represent this album with more visuals to show more landscape [beyond just merely solar panels].

LAD: Currently, are there any “dream collaborations” with artists on your wishlist to work with?
MP: I love Ellie Goulding. She is amazing artist. We’ve also reached out to representatives for Adele.

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