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Dyro – Interview

By Los Angeles Digest Staff on March 23rd, 2015 | Culture, Music

We took a moment to interview Dyro before he took the stage at Exchange LA on Friday night.  Currently, he is on tour with Bassjackers on their ‘X’ tour as it goes through stops in the US and will continue through April.

LAD: Besides your family, who calls you by your real name, Jordy?
Dyro: Basically, all my friends and my girlfriend.  Everyone.  Except for Dannic and Hardwell, they call me Dyro.  Dyro is a like a nickname.

LAD: How long did it take you to create Wolv [Dyro’s record label]?
Dyro: I made it exactly a year ago around Januaray or February of last year.  I had a month off so I had a lot of time to try to reinvent myself.  And I thought of what I was going to do this year [2014].  And we had the idea to start the label.  So we needed a song to set the tone for the label.  We spent about 80 production hours for the song so that was almost 3 weeks full-time producing it.

LAD: When did you first start DJing?
Dyro: I started DJing back in 2012 when Hardwell and the management I am with [Revealed Record] and they brought me to Miami.  Back then, I had a couple songs that I released on Revealed.  They wanted me to play it at there.  Back then, one of the first places that I played was at a small spot called Set Nightclub.  They told me to do my thing and play.  It doesn’t matter if you [expletive], this was my first gig.  I had to go play.  And I got drunk before I played.  It cooled my nerves.  And overall, it was fun.  Ever since, I kept on playing and playing.  Hardwell took me on a lot of tours. I’ve done a lot of tours myself.  And I’ve kinda learned it that way.

LAD: Who inspired you to create music?
Dyro: When I was making music, I was listening to guys like – Hardwell, Reddick, Laidback Luke, Tiesto and all of those guys.  And back then, all of those guys were really popular.  Funny thing is that I’ve worked with all of them in the studio after a year.  It was real cool.  Right now, a lot of guys inspire me including – Skrillex, Knife Party, Kill The Noise.  All of these guys – more harder and more electro-house.

LAD: How long did it take for you to create the collab, X as well the song, “Grid” with Bassjackers?
Dyro: That was actually made in one day including the entire production.  Ralph, our producer of Bassjackers, sent me an idea.  And myself including my manager setup a meeting with them with the idea that Ralph has had for three years already.  It was the main riff melody for “GRID”.  And I received it as I had a lot of time in the studio because I was touring a whole lot [2-3 years ago].  The entire melody [and everything] inspired me and I spent almost twelve hours in the studio.  The next day, I spoke to Ralph and told him that I’ve finished it already.  He was surprised after receiving it.  And we got together in the studio and finished making the tweaks.

LAD: What are your future collaborations with Hardwell and Danik?
Dyro: There have been a lot of plans and ideas to do something.  Nothing is in the works currently.  I’ve worked with Danik in the studio as well with Hardwell.  But to get them all in the studio is [expletive] hard.  We’ve tried to do it several times but never worked out.  One time, we all were in the tour bus but there’s zero concentration.  But, never say never.  I’m down to work with them.

LAD: What is the next big event you’re spinning at?
Dyro: I’m going to Asia for the first time.  In the beginning of May, we’re doing a three-week tour with about 20 shows.  I’ve heard of a lot of good things about the country.  The market there is exploding and I’m very excited about it.

LAD: How did your stage name Dyro came about?
Dyro: Since my real name is Jordy, I basically took out the first letter and re-arranged the rest.  And you have – Dyro.  It’s really simple and catchy.

LAD: Do you know how to shuffle?
Dyro: Nope.  I’ve been trying.  And I’ve seen a lot of guys trying to do it.  I can’t.

LAD: How you feel about your current standing in DJMag?
Dyro: I’m happy.  It feels real good to be in it especially as a recognization by the fans who voted me into it.  I know that there’s a lot of guys who aren’t in the standing that should be in there.  And also guys who are currently ranked below me that I feel that have more talent.  Overall, I appreciate and respect DJMag.

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