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Lorde @ Staples Center

By Carlin Nguyen on March 16th, 2018 | Music

For the New Zealander’s debut at the Staples Center as the main act – quite marvelous.  Not one would expect from the pop-singer who came off their 2013 hit album, Pure Heroine.  And now to her second compilation in 2017 – Melodrama.  A lot to talk about.

Their stage setup was something not very common – a minimalist setup.  Nothing bad about it.  Unlike a stage setup that calls out Lady Gaga, Taylor  Swift, or Beyonce – the stage setup for Lorde was pleasantly unexpected.  One keyboarder and two drumsets.  No pyros. No preset records.  Her own set.  But the main feature of her set – a see-through shipping container box.   The overall choreography of her set with the additions of traditional ballet dancers helped to bring her set to a new level.  Her formula for the live act worked out pretty well given the scope of her sophomore album.

During songs, “Royals” and “Green Light” – the choreography played a major role to outlay her transition from this young girl (singing from her first album) to this new woman.  As evident after “The Louvre”, the audience can see that she is not afraid to show that she is not the same person from years earlier.  She has been reborn to a new person.

For any artist to duplicate success off a freshman album is no easy task.  Her 2013 album – Pure Heroine.  Major catchy including multiple hits such as: “Tennis Court”, “Buzzcut Season”, and “Royals”.  Many of her lyrics from her freshman album – resonated amongst a lot of female fans on Wednesday night.  Lorde herself uttered the words – “there are a lot of people here tonight!”  She appeared happy as she said, “this is a big deal for this little kid from New Zealand.”

Setlist: Sober / Homemade Dynamite / Tennis Court / Magnets / Buzzcut Season / 400 Lux / Ribs / The Louvre / Hard Feelings / Yellow Flicker Beat / Writer in the Dark / Solo / Liability / Sober II (Melodrama) / Supercut / Royals / Perfect Places / Green Light

Photo Credit: Drew A. Kelley

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