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FYF Fest ’13

By Carlin Nguyen on August 26th, 2013 | Music
FYF Fest 2013

The bright sunshine overlooking Los Angeles Historic Park over the weekend couldn’t stop the 20,000-plus crowds from attending FYF Fest. Four stages of pure music coolness brought plenty of highlights over this 2-day music festival.

Mix some James Brown along with blues & soul and what comes out is Charles Bradley. Bradley can deliver in front of a live crowd in many ways plus more. He brings the elements of church choir and a hint of thrusting and splits resemblance of Mick Jaggar swag to the mainstream audience.

Locust from nearby San Diego, brought the crowds loud and early. It was obvious from their four year hiatus that a mosh pit was bound to occur at the start of their one-hour set. Plenty of short burst of song rifts later, they didn’t disappear the overflow of diehard crowds.

One of the headliners, Yeah Yeah Yeahs closed out Saturday with finesse and precision with their array of older songs (“Maps”, “Phenomena”) along with featuring newer songs from their latest album, “Mosquito.” Never a dull moment to not miss the beautiful wardrobes of Karen O on top of witnessing an giant eyeball up-close.

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