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Sam Smith @ Kia Forum

By Los Angeles Digest Staff on September 4th, 2023 | Music

It felt almost years since we’ve seen Sam Smith live on-stage. At our first notice of this artist was through his 2012 feature hit, “Latch,” co-produced by the UK electro group – Disclosure. And many years later (along with several studio albums and leading singles – among others), he is currently embarking on his third headlining tour called – “Gloria.” In his remarks, he wanted to give his regards to his daily pleasure of working on new music with his fellow musician colleagues. As producing his current album, Gloria, felt different in these times. He wanted to rest assure that these tracks would give his ultimate confidence without any regrets and/or thoughts on needing to satisfy his audience.

There is no denying his voice and stage presence – it’s hands down the best. Regardless of his past doings in his private life, it’s quite amazing how precious music can change based on small details on one’s life – past, present, or future. And his Sam Smith’s career, he has gone through many stages of life – for better or worse. But on the stage – it has not faltered him at all.

On his show – Smith can still sell a rollercoaster – many high and low emotions. In going through his “sets” on Thursday night, he controlled the crowd – from soft and soothering and bring it up to the club vibes. Evident from “I’m Not Here to Make Friends,” he asked the crowds to standup and dance. One may think of his appearance from ten years ago and compare it to his present look, but his voice is still consistent god-heaven and reminiscent of a stage ballad. More credit to his alertness to do what’s best for his voice as he had to cancel several UK tour dates in May. Nevertheless, the audience will still applaud for Sam Smith. Rest assured – this year’s version of Sam Smith is more focused and wiser.

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Setlist: Stay With Me // I’m Not the Only One // Like I Can // Too Good at Goodbyes // Perfect // Diamonds // How Do You Sleep? // Dancing with a Stranger (cover) // I’m Kissing You (cover) // Lay Me Down // Love Goes // Gimme // Lose You // Promises // I’m Not Here to Make Friends // Latch // I Feel Love (cover) // Gloria // Human Nature (cover) // Unholy // Vulgar

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