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Ben Böhmer @ Shrine Auditorium

By Los Angeles Digest Staff on September 18th, 2023 | Music

The 29-year old German electro-DJ/producer made his first stop on his Portraet tour over the weekend at LA’s Shrine Auditorium on the start of his five-date live tour across selected cities in the US. The rising-star in the deep/progressive house music genre has been widely noticed in the industry early on in his career. In late 2019 – he released his debut LP – Breathing. And at an unusual time in 2020 – he delved deep into producing his second album, Begin Again.

His second album received very high remarks including live sets he did in 2020. One, in particular, was his live set from Turkey. This live set was sponsored from Cercle Music, one of his signed labels. This and other live sets made his mark and further deepened his career mark.

And in doing his current tour – he has done something different from his previous tour. Based and originally from Ibiza from his summer tours in 2022, he has now aiming to bring those vibes to his US tour. As he wanted to provide a deeper but calmer mood for the audience, he also did so with a live visual screen to go in tandem with his live set. For more of the audience, watching his set from Friday evening was very reminiscent from his 2020 live set from Cercle Music. Most of his popular tunes including – “After Earth,” “Breathing,” among others, were all displayed at his show.

With his visuals – it’s like looking at a moving eyeball. Its pupil is rotating around the moving screen depending on the tune of the song. Somtimes bright spring colors for a happy and vibrant scene. Or sometimes dark colors for a subtle or gloomy mood. It’s very open to interpretation for the audience. Regardless, the audience enjoyed those moments even more. An almost medicine-free mood for the audience that lasted just over 100-minutes.

Photo Credit: Samuel Macias

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