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Luis Miguel @ Honda Center / Kia Forum

By Carlin Nguyen on September 25th, 2023 | Music

It’s been almost five years since his last tour – called ‘México Por Siempre’ was in the states. And a lot has changed since then. A three-season TV drama-series based on Luis Miguel aired on Netflix. The ‘El Sol de Mexico’ singer/musician has been in the music business for nearly fourty years. And the singer keeps on going. He had recently started on his 2023/2024 tour in early August in Chile. And nearly 25 shows later – he made several stops in California. Social media can enlighten one career and it has shown on him.

In the two shows in the OC/LA area, the consistent energy of LM is constant all-around. The females from Gen X will always enjoy seeing this performer, regardless of their nationality. And he means business once on the stage with his black-white suit. His entire band entourage consists of several of his long-time members. One being Kiko Cibrian – his main guitarist since the 1990s. He has been credited for producing several major hits including – “Suave” among others. And the album, Aries. Also, Cibrian helped credited the main actor’s voice in the TV series, based on LM, to match to the singer. And there’s the drummer – Victor Loyo. Victor has been playing alongside LM for more than 25 years and including many popular albums – Nada Es Igual, Mis Romances, as examples.

Any fan of Spanish-speaking music can relate to the music of LM. The tonality and the richness of his songs resonant amongst the crowds – regardless of age and sex. It’s like trying to combine the likeness of pop-music from Michael Jackson and to fuse it with the popularity of classic boleros (love ballards) into one. As much as one would want to compare one artist to another – there is nothing to compare to LM. It’s like a once-in-a generation talent.

His music sets are unchanged and remain constant for every show on this current tour. With the exception of movie stars that show up to the shows or even the occasional flying drone (made famous by social media) during the show, his repertoire of songs are a god-given talent. As he has not released any new songs since his 2017 album, ¡México Por Siempre!, the singer can rely on these timeless songs like fine wine on a Sunday afternoon (no pun on LM’s distinct love of wine). A true fact.

As a show opening song, “Será que no me amas,” a cover song from Michael Jackson’s “Blame It On The Boogie,” a very high-energy pop song to begin the crowds’ moods as LM rises upon the elevated stage with the LED-background of an illuminated sunrise. it was well-known that one of his musical influences was Michael Jackson himself. Later in the show – he does sing to “Sonríe,” another musical cover from Michael Jackson including vocals from Jackson himself.

Plenty of catchy tunes during the show including “Suave,” “Ahora Te Puedes Marchar,” “La chica del bikini azul,” among others. One can witness history to watch one of the top-selling Latin artists in the world. LM dives into his love of Mexican culture during the tunes of “El Son de la negra” and “La fiesta del mariachi,” as his surrounding mariachi members chime into the tunes. And a picturesque illumination of the Teotihuacan pyramid (one of the seven wonders of the world) shows up on the LED-background.

For many music fans – an important lesson in history is that LM is a part of it. Many have and will witness one of the top-selling Latin artists in the world. Will he tour live beyond 2024 – who knows.

Photo Credit: Timothy Norris / Kia Forum Photos

Setlist: Será que no me amas // Amor, amor, amor // Suave // Culpable o no // Te necesito // Hasta que me olvides // Dame // Por debajo de la mesa/No sé tú // Como yo te ame / Solamente una vez / Somos novios / Todo y nada / Nosotros // Sonríe // Come Fly with Me // Un hombre busca una mujer / Cuestión de piel / Oro de ley // Fría como el viento / Tengo todo excepto a ti / Entrégate // El son de la negra / Guadalajara // La fiesta del mariachi // Cielito lindo / Qué bonita es mi tierra / Viva México, viva América // La Bikina // La media vuelta // No me puedes dejar así / Palabra de honor / La incondicional // Te propongo esta noche // Ahora te puedes marchar / La chica del bikini azul / Isabel / Cuando calienta el sol

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