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Charlotte de Witte @ Shrine Expo

By Los Angeles Digest Staff on October 2nd, 2023 | Music

The sold-out show of Charlotte de Witte (and her live set) lasted from open-to-close from Friday evening over at the Shrine Expo in LA. It’s rarely that an overseas DJ/producer can easily command a large crowd. And a (vastly) large crowd it was of over 5,000 people in such an intimate old-school setting. And perhaps perfect setting for CDW. An almost reminiscent of waiting on a headliner towards the end of the night. And the crowds did come from the start of the show.

In a recent interview, she added that the five-hour set is “an intimate way of DJing.” The five-hour set will allow her to start progressively from 120 BPM (beats per minute) to 180 BPM – all concurrently while keeping the beat with the crowd. And to go all hardcore towards the end of the night. Most tracks that are may not be suitable for a normal two-to-three hour set. These will be featured on (and they were) on Friday night.

Imagine being lost in the middle of the forest. That’s the intention of CDW and her love of trance. One can get full of melancholy emotions without the loopiness of most tracks, but, also without much constraints or elemental feel of the tracks. And her rise of fame is still going up. Coming from DJ Mag’s Top 100 in 2019 at spot #74 to coming up to #14 in 2022 – what a climb! From doing a ten-hour set in her hometown in Ghent (Belgium) and then being the first woman to close out Tomorrowland’s main stage in 2022 – even more spectacular.

In 2019 – CDW had formed her new music label, KNTXT, as a techno-focused record label to showcase her new music including her latest album, Overdrive EP. This all to currently promote her latest singles, “Overdrive,” and “High Street.” Her tunes reminiscent of 2000s popular era of going to gothic (night) clubs and getting your beat going. Less drama and more welcoming. In the tune, “Overdrive,” it’s ‘living wild & free’ and ‘increasing your energy.’

There’s no denying the popularity of trance globally. But in the times since 2020 – time has changed. And so have people’s needs of music. Some of us are witnessing a change of face on the music platform. In LA – there was a time that certain music genres were more popular than others. But as the time of the newer generation of music-goers come and experience music – we’re noticing something. The music of trance may not been forgotten after all. One may just need to travel (far and about) to see the meaning of trance.

Photo Credit: SEQUEL West Coast

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